Friday, January 15, 2010

Well John is really getting into doing chores with one arm.  He even hopped on the tractor this morning to move corral panels back where they belong.  Gus decided this morning that with a little bit of effort he could shove the corral panels far enough to reach one of the bunks in the jenny pen.  He managed to get to his objective although I think by then the girls had finished their hay. 

This afternoon when Mike our neighbor & John went over to feed the chickens, they discovered 2 minis & good old Gus in the chicken pen.  The only alfalfa hay on the property is a bale in the chicken pen, for them to snack on.  Guess someone figured out there was alfalfa in there & between the 3 of them figured out how to get the gate open.  I guess Justin had a bunch of alfalfa hanging out his mouth when they were discovered. 

Tomorrow morning I will do a home study for Gus' new home.  I think this will be a great home for him, they think he's entertaining & they also have a 13 year old girl that will probably "mess" with him.   He definately needs directional guidance to keep his busy little mind occupied, otherwise he is very good at entertaining himself.  We finally figured out why he hangs around by the driveway gate a lot of the time.  Our local rancher lets his horses run loose with the cattle, & we think Gus is waiting up there to visit with them.  The new family has 3 horses, so he will enjoy being around horses again, I think. 

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