Saturday, January 09, 2010

Well, I guess we've been forgiven, Rusty is back to his old self this morning.  And all the mud from him rolling in the dirt to dry up the sweat is gone.  He's back to  being  nice &  shiny white with a few appaloosa spots, hence the name Rusty, which until we figured it out seemed like a strange name for a white looking mule.

Katie the new girl really gets excited when you deliver food.  She hogs the gate, & then trots & prances with you as you carry beet pulp, hay or whatever.  This morning she hogged the gate, I poked her in the chest to get her to back up.  She was jumping all over the place & I knew what was next.  Sure enough on the way to her bunk, she spun & up in the air the hind legs went.  So we had MURDER 101 for about 3-5 seconds.  I'm not sure she was very contrite, she was way too focused on what I was carrying.   So for the foreseeable future I will also be carrying a quirt, we'll see if that gets her attention.  I hate to have to be the bad cop, but that type of behavior is not acceptable, no matter how excited she gets. 


Tracey said...

Better she get a spanking than you getting hurt, that's for sure!

Tish said...

My thoughts exactly.........!!! (G) I found out this morning she reacts to crabby sounds coming out of my mouth, so hopefully that will work, rather than having to carry a weapon with me.

Tish said...
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