Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Paladin has lost the privilege of being out with the girls as of this morning.  When everyone came in this morning it was a mess.  Paladin was right in the middle of it, chasing girls with a purpose in mind I guess.  Some of the girls are missing hair on their neck where he had bitten them.  Frijolita has a wound on her leg where she has ran into something.  So the grand experiment is over, he will have to stay in his pen when they are out like before.

I think it would be a lot easier on everyone if he was older.  He's only about 3 years old, so he is in his prime & thinks the world revolves around him.  Although the girls think the game is fun, they don't seem to have the durability to stay ahead of him.  It would be OK if he'd chase, they run & after a few minutes everyone would stop & mind their own business. But that isn't how Paladin operates, once he starts chasing it seems like he can chase for hours. 

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