Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Mr "HOT TO TROT" is in his pen even as I type.  We looked out & Paladin was chasing Frijolita, not really being mean, but he wouldn't quit.  John went out & popped him on the hip with the bb gun.  It does make him stop long enough for the girls to get away.  But they come back around & run in front of him to start the game again.  GRRRRRRRR.........!!!  He took off after Hanna & she double barreled him in the chest, which slowed him down but not much.  Daisy our resident old "cougar" girl kept coming back, she was huffing & puffing & sweating, but didn't want to quit I guess. 

We started trying to get him in his pen, which of course he looked at as ruining his "style".  He ended up over on the 20 acres of Burroland & here come the girls. I got behind them & headed for the gate.  Wonders of all wonders he went thru the gate & after a couple of abortive trips around the pens, went in his pen.  So where did the girls go?  They are hanging around outside his pen right now........!!!!  WHAT IS IT WITH THEM.............????

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