Wednesday, December 30, 2009

KATIE'S HERE............!!


We picked Katie up today & got home just in time to feed.  John put everyone in their pens, so we could unload her without so much help.  When they see the stock trailer come in they all try to see what we brought home.   She is very sweet & halters & leads, which is great.  We didn't have a pen for her, & our corral panels are loaned out, so my brilliant idea was to put her in with Jenny, who is usually very sweet & docile.  Well, she turned into Miss "I don't want you in my pen" instantly.  Katie didn't seem particularly upset & is agile enough to stay out of Jenny's way.  So Quilla got moved out of the pen that Hanna, Daisy & Frijolita are in & is now eating out with Lucy & Buster.  Jenny got her unfriendly self moved in with the other girls, & now Katie has Jenny's pen all to herself.  We'll keep her in the pen until Saturday & let her out to roam around.  It seems like after they are out for the day, everyone forgets they are new & need to be put in their place. 

She's got some issues, a very thick cresty neck,  pones down her side & a bubble butt.  But other than that, she seems healthy, alert & doesn't seem to have any behavior issues.  I would imagine she has been eating alfalfa hay & more than she needed.  A couple of weeks of eating bermuda should have that neck softening & hopefully getting out & moving around will help with her weight. 


donkeysaredelightful said...

Thank you for giving Katie a wonderful home and the companionship of other donkeys (even if they are being bitchy right now!)

Tish said...

She's out helping John clean pens right now. Now sure she's that much help, but she's right in the middle of his business, "helping", much to his disgust. He's use to it anytime we are in the pens they "help"..........NOT.......!!!! (G)