Wednesday, December 09, 2009

TRIM DAY TODAY........!!!

Courtney came out today to trim & Martha came with her to massage Chester. I didn't know if Jenny would be able to stand on her gimpy rear leg to be trimmed, but she did real good. Courtney said to quit the bute & see if she does OK. If she does, then it might be time to let her out to roam around, at least when Paladin is in his pen. We are still keeping him in the pen at night & the girls get out, then they stay in during the day while he is out. It seems to be working out OK, although they whine about it. Pepper has been staying in with Jenny at night & helping her eat her extra hay. He doesn't push to get out, so I guess he likes having his big girl to himself. Martha use to massage Max, so since he wasn't here I asked if she could massage Pepper, even though he has almost no muscles. I don't think he moved an inch while she was working on him & if she stepped away from him, he'd step with her. She got a big kick out of the way he behaved. When he got tired of it, he turned around & walked away. Of course by that time she had been working on him for about 30 minutes...........!!

Gus was a big pill. His feet didn't need any trimming, but he sure wanted to be at the head of the line for attention, even nipped at Courtney because she wasn't paying attention to him exclusively. He got a lot more attention from her than he expected for that little mistake & finally backed off a little...........!!!

Martha was quite impressed with how much Chester's leg has improved, although he has some real tender places up in the shoulder area. He walks with almost no limp at all, most of the time. After she left, John was rounding them up over in Burroland. Once he found them, as far away from the gate as they could possibly get, he yelled at them to "GIT" & they got. He said Chester took off running & bucking & was leading the race at high speed. I bet he was something to watch before he got hurt & wasn't treated.

Before Courtney left to trim some horses north of us, she put a soaking boot on Jenny with collodial silver in it. She almost didn't get it on. Well neither John or I can get it off, so thankfully she left her truck here. She doesn't like to drive the unpaved part of the road, so Sue came down & picked her up. She's got to come back & pick up her truck, so hopefully she'll be able to get the darn thing off. I don't know if there is a technique or if we're just too weak..........probably a little of both. :-(

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