Friday, December 11, 2009


John came in this morning soon after going out to round up the gang. I hate to hear the door open, because I know it isn't going to be good. He said he needed my help to get a can off Quilla's foot. Whew! could have been worse..............!!!! So out we go, you would think that Quilla would want it off............but NO, NO, NO. Cooperation was not forthcoming, we finally had to tie him up. John got tin snips to try to cut it off, but we were afraid since he wasn't being helpful, a jagged edge might cut him. So I threatened him with death if he moved & John started pulling & prying till he finally got it off. How do they do things like this? And where did he get it? John said probably out of the burn pit. That seems to be a favorite "shopping" place for donkeys. As to the "how" I have no idea, he had to lift his leg high enough to get it in the can & then step down just right to make it stay on.
Pepper showing off his Whinny Warmers to Jenny

I found out about these leggings off one of the Yahoo groups & it sounded like something that might be good for Pepper & Sha'ba. When I ordered the company wrote back & said they were sending some extras, hopefully Pepper wouldn't mind them being pink. I told them he had enough "MOXY" to pull off wearing pink, in fact he has too much moxy for his own good sometimes.

The people that have the warmers have just been great & if you ever thought you might need some leggings get in touch with them. They also have Summer Whinney socks for summer sores & protection from flies. I got a pair to use on Quilla starting next spring, to see if we can keep his leg sores under control. As cooperative as he was this morning with the tin can, I'm really looking forward to the fun & adventure of putting extremely long socks on him.

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