Tuesday, December 29, 2009



I know, I know, our limit is 20..............well Katie girl is coming tomorrow, which will make 23............!!!  The final word was John's although since he's having rotator cuff surgery the 11th of January, & will be out of commission for about 6 weeks, I'm not sure his vote should count.......!!!

Katie is at a feed store in a petting zoo type situation.  She is overweight, with a thick cresty neck, & in a small pen, so she's getting no exercise.  A woman got in touch with me & we went into to town yesterday to see for ourselves her conditions.  She's about 7 years old, & hasn't foundered yet, but judging from the setup it wouldn't be long if she stayed there.  The woman talked to the owner this morning & he is willing to give her the donkey, but the woman isn't in a position to take her.  Soooooooo...............!!!!  (G) 

Right now we have our extra corral panels loaned out.  They were just suppose to be gone for a few days, to move some cows, but they are still gone.  We aren't sure where we will put her just yet.  But we better figure it out by tomorrow........!!!!! 

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