Thursday, December 10, 2009

For once I had a camera in my hand when someone brayed. When Quilla brays he brays for a long time. I had my camera turned on, so when he started, I switched to video & had time to catch some of it. I love to hear them bray, the louder & longer the better.

It got down to 20 degrees last night. I hadn't put a blanket on Sha'ba & Pepper, it wasn't suppose to get that cold. Pepper was roaming around this morning, so I guess he didn't really need it. They both have good winter coats & I hate to interfere with their natural ability to keep themselves warm.

This morning when Paladin got out he decided it was time to chase Daisy, since Frijolita was in the pen. John heard the commotion & went to see what was going on. By the time he got to where they were, Tula was kicking the snot out of Paladin. John said everytime he'd try an end run on Tula to get to Daisy, Tula would get between them & kick him at the first opportunity. He finally decided that wasn't much fun, & tried to get to Lucy. Needless to say that didn't work very well at all. Buster will not let him anywhere near his Lucy girl & started chasing Paladin everytime he even looked Lucy's way. He's going to think we aren't very friendly around here. This afternoon everything has been nice & quiet, they are down under the trees west of the house. We're still leaving Jenny & Frijolita in during the day, at least for awhile. Maybe if Tula & Buster "educate" him enough he'll start to behave himself & we'll get back to normal.


Dina said...

Sweet! I thoroughly enjoyed the braying, and your voice too.
Love those donkeys.

Tish said...

I wish I'd got the whole bray, maybe someday I'll be so lucky. I'd like to get Jenny the mammoth. Her bray is the most mournful sound I've ever heard.

Hope all is well with you.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME, I got this to load today, too fun!! Sounds like breakfast at my place!! Kathy O

Tish said...

I wish I could get a complete bray, some of them, like Quilla & Paladin bray for a LONG time once they get started. One of the woman on the Donkey group, got one of hers braying & put it on her cell phone as a ring. Can you imagine standing in line at a register & having that go off..............!!!! (G)