Friday, December 04, 2009

Tomorrow is the Open House, we're as ready as we're going to get. Still have some corral panels to put up for a pen for Buster & Lucy. We were going to put them in with Quilla & Frijolita, but decided it would be better for them to be in a pen of their own. That way there won't be 4 of them competing for attention.

Yesterday Jenny came in 3 legged lame on a hind leg. It seems to be the fetlock, it's not swollen or warm, but she doesn't want it messed with. I would imagine she stepped in a hole or stepped wrong. We kept her in last night, much to her disgust, this morning she wasn't much better, so she stayed in. Tonight she is still in, & Pepper is with her wearing his blanket & boots. It's suppose to be in the teens tonight, which means we will probably be down around 10, we're always colder than they predict.

And Paladin has just about lost his running with the herd privileges. He's been chasing the girls, Frijolita doesn't want him anywhere near her. He might be responsible for Jenny getting hurt, because it seems like there's a lot of running & chasing going on every day. This morning he came in with a bloody nose, don't know if it's from the last time he ran into a tree limb or a new crash. Quilla seems to be able to keep up with him, & gives as good as he gets. But we're afraid someone is going to get hurt worse. So for the time being he will have to stay in the pens, when everyone else is out, which is all the time except when they are eating. I've tried to explain to him that his behavior is not acceptable, but he seems to think he's a party animal. I'll be glad when his testosterone level drops to a manageable level...........!!!! (G)

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