Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HANNA'S OUT & ABOUT.......!!!

This is Hanna headed out this morning for a day of exploration. She wasn't all that interested in the other donkeys this morning, although this afternoon when John had to go out & find her, she was hanging with Chester & Tula. When John found her, he told her to follow him, & she did, all the way to the pen, & in she went. She seems to be very mellow & should be easy to work with. We're still letting her get use to her new surroundings. Of course if she & the other girls got out today, that means Paladin had to stay in for the day. Boy was he upset this morning when he didn't get to go out, as usual. I worked with him a little bit to get his mind off of how mistreated he was. I put a halter on him & he didn't seem to care at all. That is a milestone, the next big deal will be learning to lead. After that, picking up feet & maybe a little clicker training for fun. Then he will ready to start looking for his new home.

Yesterday Patti & I spent the day visiting with Claire up in Waddel, AZ, close to Phoenix. Started out early in the morning, & had to scrape ice off the windshield. This is NOT why I live in Arizona..........!!!

We had a great time visiting with Claire, her 2 horses & 2 donkeys. She adopted the 2 donkeys from a rescue about a year ago & knew at the time that Ruthie had really bad feet. Since then she has found out just how bad, & although Ruthie has a hard time moving around, she is alert & involved in what goes on around her. Eventually Claire will probably have to make a decision, but right now Ruthie is very loved & Claire will do whatever necessary to keep her comfortable as long as possible.
Ruthie & Claire

Gus is carrying some extra weight, she hasn't been able to get off of him. She knows how to feed the right way, so I would imagine he's like Buddy Brat, everything he eats turns to fat. Poor Buddy has been on a diet ever since he came here & still looks like an over stuffed sausage casing. And Gus looks like he has the same problem. She's going to have his thyroid checked to see if it's working properly. Buddy has been on thyroid meds for years, & I don't know if it's helped him or not. He's still "rotund" or worse.
Claire & Gus
In this picture she is showing us how Gus will lead with her putting her hand under his chin. Of course when she tried it, he wouldn't move. One thing you should never do with a donkey is say, "they will do ........... (fill in the blank)", because chances are they won't, especially if you are showing someone how obedient they are. Never works..........!!!!

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