Saturday, December 26, 2009


This is usually how close to each other Lucy & Buster are.  He never leaves her side, but this morning John couldn't find him.  Lucy was here, following John around & talking to him.  But no Buster.  John got thru rounding everyone up & we were getting ready to go out & beat the bushes looking for him.  I looked across the wash & here comes Tula, Chester & good old Buster plodding along.  Tula is "entertaining" the boys & I guess Buster decided, he could take a little bit of time away from his Lucy girl & go for a little "tomcatting".

John put Tula & Chester in their pens, & I watched Lucy & Buster to see what would happen.  He walked over to Lucy, she turned around & walked away to the other side of the well house.  If you put human behavior traits on them, I would say she wasn't happy with his running around.  It's really funny, because she usually ignores him for the most part.  By the time we brought the hay, they were back together, so I guess all is forgiven.  It does make me wonder, if she was actually upset with him.  As I  observe donkeys, their behavior makes me think they are more aware & complicated animals than we give them credit for sometimes.

It was 16 degrees here this morning, I'm glad Pepper & Sha'ba had their blankets on.  They move much better in the morning if  they are blanketed. 

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