Saturday, March 30, 2013


Hopefully this will load when I get thru writing.  Since earlier this week, nothing could be saved or published to the blog.  People from all over the world were begging them to fix it.  I usually use Mozilla Firefox, tried Chome, and finally got thru using Internet Exployer, which I don't like at all.  I'll probably pick up some STD using it......!!! (G)
Let's see I've about fogotten where I was.  Oh! yes, hauling a new girl for a woman that wanted a friend for her lonely jenny.  We had such a good visit with Win while we traveled to the other side of Tucson.  She's a mature lady that has lived in Tucson or SE Arizona most of her life, and knows about the good old days, so she had lots of stories to tell. 
We got to the rescue and the woman wasn't there, so we had to wait awhile.  In the meantime we introduced outselves to the 6 donkeys and 5-6 mini horses.  They were all very friendly,  John zeroed in on a very nice young black gelding and wanted to bring him home.  John said he looked like a young BlackJack.  I have to admit he was very tempting.
We had figured out which jenny was the one for us we thought.  She was a very nice friendly girl and when the woman got there she said we were right.
Her name is Diane and she actually loaded pretty good, especially when we wave a cookie in front of her nose. 
Got to Win's place, let Diane out with Jenny and they immediately started running all over a very large soft field, Jenny in front and Diane trying to catch up.  I was a little worried because Jenny is somewhere on the north side of 40.  Unfortunately she stumbled a little and came up limping and is still limping from what we've heard.  But they are getting along just fine, so hopefully Jenny's limp will go away soon.  They put them in a smaller, area, so she can't move around so much.
Jenny and Diane

 Our guys are all doing pretty good right now.  I've already put a fly mask on Rusty the mule.  He's pink skinned & his eyes are always goopy, don't know if he has allergies or what.  But a fly mask cuts down on the sun and hopefully the dust.  His eyes stay cleaner with a mask.  There some flies around, but so far they aren't being obnoxious to the donkeys. 
I'm still working on Boaz's knee with Wonder Dust.  I'm afraid it's going to have to be scraped again to get the proud flesh off.  The Wonder Dust is suppose to eat proud flesh, but so far the last little bit is being very stubborn. 
Yesterday we took Cheyennne in to the vet for a uterine flush, doesn't that sound like fun.......?????  When we took her to the vet a couple of weeks ago, we thought she had a urinary tract infection or something like that.  Dr. Megan said maybe not, & using a goat speculum (who even knew they had such things) checked her out.  Said she saw inflammaton, so did a swab to send off to the lab.  Finally got the lab report, she has a chronic strep infection of the uterus.  I'm just learning all sorts of fascinating little tidbits......!!! LOL
So she got flushed with Naxcel & she will be getting Naxcel shots for the next 10 days.  Hopefully that will take care of it.  If not, she'll get to go back for another flush.  She wasn't too bad, BUT you could tell it wasn't her favorite thing to do.  Can't say I blame her...!!!! 

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