Monday, March 11, 2013

Hit the road ...


Just about ready to hit the road to pick up Gus & Quilla from Claire.  The weather is suppose to be nice today, hope that also includes "NO WIND".  Wind isn't good when pulling a stock trailer.  

Last night Eloise went in her pen like she had been doing it forever.  WOW!  This morning she was the 1st one to follow John, all the way to her pen.  He said they had to thread their way thru the rest of the donkeys that thought they should be first.  

The next one was Jack the little mini mule, into the new pen he's only been going in the last couple of days......!!! Sometimes these animals absolutely amaze me.  

John said after that, no one knew where they belonged or were interested in learning either.  They might amaze me, but they always seem to be able to show me they are also free thinkers. 

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