Thursday, March 14, 2013

Took two to tango...

Tyler came out Wednesday afternoon and trimmed Eloise's nasty feet.  To say that wasn't what she had planned for the day is an understatement.  I commented on her temper fit in an earlier blog, we got to see it in action quite a bit, actually.  

It's only her right rear, & she doesn't kick AT you, but it moves like a piston, repeatedly in rapid secession.  Between Tyler & Shawn they managed to get her trimmed.  She's a little ouchy today, I would imagine it's like going barefooted in the spring for the first time........!!!!  Do kids even do that anymore?  That was an important part of getting ready for summer, get those feet toughened up.  I probably didn't have shoes on half a dozen times during the summer.  

Anyway we will be taking her to her new home today, with Jackie & Tio.  Laura wants another jenny, so I've got my eyes & ears open.  

Yesterday the kids from Caring Connections came out again.  They usually come out about once a month, & the kids really enjoy seeing the donkeys.  Sometimes they do some grooming, which of course the donkeys enjoy. 

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