Saturday, March 23, 2013


Not sure why the car looks so red/pink.  It is actually General Motors Engine Orange, which is as close to Hugger Orange, an old muscle car color from the 60's,  as we can get without paying for it.....!!! LOL  Car paint that has red pigment in it, costs a fortune anymore.  John can paint all the orange on the car with 3 or 4 spray cans of paint.

I am going to have my first "ride along" tonight.  A friend of ours asked if the 13 year old son of her boss could ride in the heat race.  His birthday wish was to be able to go into the pits, so her husband upped the ante & asked if he could ride with me.  The last I heard they are talking about his Dad riding in the main event....!!!  I hope they aren't screamers, that would be very distracting I think.  LOL

Molly Brown got to go out last night after being in "prison" for a couple of days.  At afternoon feeding she wasn't favoring her leg, much at all, so we decided to let her out.  She came in this morning walking good, so that crisis is over I guess.   I'm sure there will be another one, just around the corner, they sure like to keep me on my toes.  

I'm still working on Boaz's knee with Wonder Dust.  Might take an update picture when I change the bandage, either tomorrow or Monday.  It's looking pretty good, but don't see a whole lot of healing going on. 


Janet said...

Great Pic Tish!

Tish said...

The secret is making sure the camera isn't close enough to see the wrinkles.......!!! LOL