Sunday, March 24, 2013


Some people that had been out for the Open House in December, called & wanted to bring a few friends out this morning to meet the donkeys.  

When they got here there were more than just a few......!!! The closest guess we came up with was 26.  It was hard to keep track of them, they kept moving.....!!!

They are a group that gets together to play with their off road toys on week-ends.  Today they were going about 15 miles north of us, up a riverbed to see some dinosaur tracks.  Actually they are Woolly Rhinoceros tracks in rock but everyone calls them dinosaur tracks.  The guy that put it together said they had about 6 people signed up until they said they were coming to the donkey rescue....!!!  How neat is that?  They brought apples & carrots, which of course was very much appreciated by the donkeys & mules. 

This is BlackJack entertaining his adoring public.  BlackJack looks so much different than the other donkeys & is such a ham, people always make a fuss over him.  He has learned to work people & they love it.  

He probably has some French Poitou blood in him.  Don't know for sure, but this isn't your typical donkey face. 

I had decided not to change Boaz's knee bandage until tomorrow.  When he came in this morning it was all askew, I don't know how he can mangle a bandage like he does.  I've gotten pretty good at bandaging, but knees seem to be tricky.  

The dry scabby area is where he managed to get the diaper I use for bandaging pushed down.  I've been putting Wonder Dust on it, which has worked well for keeping the area open, to hopefully start filling in with scar tissue.  

Courtney didn't make it again today.  I e-mailed her, the longer it takes her to get out here, the bigger & stronger Wister will be.  We've worked on picking up feet, halter, touching all over, the basics & he does pretty good.  But he is so independent, I have a feeling it's going to be a rodeo.....!!!  Courtney said she'd eat her Wheaties before she comes.......!!! LOL


Cindy D said...

Hi, I am relatively new to your blog, but am having a great time going back through the archives every so often and seeing the wonderful work you do there.

I wanted to share with you a wonderful product I found for my horses for wound care. It is called Natures Edge (they have a website and many feed stores carry it) It is made of all natural ingredients, and is a natural fly repellent and healing agent. I used it my old gelding when he gashed his leg open last summer, it kept the flies off, and healed up without any proud flesh at all. I was amazed! I just scrubbed his wound everyday with a very soft natural bristle brush and then applied the goop nice and thick. Of course it would get dirty but as long as I washed it once a day it never got too bad. It also keeps it moist so it doesn't dry and crack.

The only thing my vet has told me about this stuff is that it does contain tea tree oil, and although rare, some equines do have an allergy to it, so the first time you apply it, use sparingly and watch for any swelling. If it swells then stop using it and it will go down on its own. If it doesn't swell then it is safe to use.

Just an FYI. :)

Tish said...

I'll check it out, thanks.