Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday Update

Courtney was suppose to come out today to trim, but isn't going to make it.   So Wister has a few more days to put off getting his toes trimmed for the first time.  I have a feeling he is going to really be a little pill.  

I just noticed a big piece of one of Rusty rear hooves missing, so he'll have to be looked at when she does get out here.  He usually self trims, in fact I don't think she's ever trimmed him.

We are suppose to haul a donkey from a rescue in Tucson, Monday for a woman that owns a very interesting book stores in the Benson area.  It's called the Singing Winds book store & is known all over the world, which is amazing comsidering it's in what use to be her garage, at least that's what it looks like.

She lost her old horse a few months ago, & has been looking for a donkey friend for her old jenny that is really lonely.  I didn't have anyone for her, but after getting a phone call from her granddaughter, & a friend, I went out & started seriously looking for one.

Put out the word & a woman from D-S Horse Rescue in Tucson got in touch with me.  She has 4 donkeys right now & is over full as most of the rescues are.

So we will be the designated hauler to rehome one of the donkeys.  I always say we more than willing to haul.  We get to help rehome, BUT, don't have to bring them home with us...!!! LOL

Heard from Eloise's new mom, & it sounds like she's wiggled right into the herd with Tio & Jackie, already knows the routine, & what buttons to push with Laura to keep things going her way. 

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