Saturday, March 09, 2013

Her name is Eloise instead of Heloise

I don't hear that well I guess, sure sounded like Heloise to me.....!!! LOL  Anyway she got here about dark, hopped out of the trailer & went with her Dad to her pen, "ie" BlackJack's pen.  

I asked them if she led, they said yes & she certainly does..... she "led" him all the way to the pen, at a pretty good pace...!!!  (G)

She's a little "short for her weight", but not bad.  I always prepare for the worst & hope for the best.   I had been told she was a little bit overweight, didn't know what to expect, so was pleasantly surprised. 

But these feet weren't as pleasant a surprise.  

Granted, they aren't the extremely long "elf" shoes that a lot of untrimmed donkeys have.  The woman said her feet eventually break off.........but that doesn't do anything for the frogs, that you might notice are peeking out from under both the front & back feet.  Or the ligaments & tendons running up the legs. 

I have a call in for Tyler to see if he's feeling brave.  She's very friendly & loves attention.........BUT..........if she hasn't had her feet worked on, it's probably not going to be her favorite thing.......!!!   

She goes to her new home Thursday, so hopefully we can get them done before then.  

Monday we are going up to the Phoenix area to bring Gus & Quilla back for the summer. 

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