Thursday, March 21, 2013

Molly Limping...

When Molly the little mini mule came in this morning she was limping on her right rear.  After everyone was fed, & we got Jack out of the pen, John entertained her & I poked & prodded.  Seems to be in the hock, gaskin area, she wasn't really interested in finding out where it actually was.  It's not swollen, so I assume she turned too quick & maybe pull a muscle .  Gave her some bute & left her in today.  Boy, is that going over big with her & Jack.  He's hanging around the pen & they both let us know when we go outside, that we haven't done our job.  They actually have almost whinnied.  Usually Jack just grunts like a little pig, & Molly doesn't make much sound, guess they figure this is really important......!!!  Jack is so mean to her most of the time, I'm surprised she doesn't appreciate the separation. 

Starting to see more flies although not in large numbers.  We can all live with one or two, but if they start showing up in "family" groups, we'll have to drag out the fly masks.  I've gotten 2 orders of the fly predators so far, they come once a month.  It was still pretty cold when the first ones arrived, not sure they made it thru the night.  And my order of fly trap bags should be here any day.  This year I ordered 36 instead of 24.  Last year I had to reorder before the season was over.  Each bag catches about a pound of flies, between the predators & the bags, we stay pretty fly free. 

Wister has a new way to entertain himself.  When he goes in the pen to eat, usually the first thing he does is lay down.  When I drive in with the golf cart, I've been getting out & "wallowing" him while he's laying on the ground.  A few days ago, I came thru & he was close enough to the golf cart path, I just reached out & petted him a little bit.  Guess it wasn't enough, he now lays right in the path, every morning & evening, so I have to stop & mess with him, until he's had enough & gets up.  Yes, I could make him get up, but what fun would that be?  (G)

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