Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Paddy's!

Unwrapped Boaz's knee this morning & was met with the sight of proud flesh...!!!  SIGH!  Thought maybe this time would be it, but guess not.  So I covered it liberally with Wonder Dust, which I do NOT like & re-wrapped it.  Hopefully it will control the proud flesh & get some good scar tissue growing.  He's such a good boy to work on, doesn't care what I do as long as there are animal crackers being offered.  

Heard from Laura & Eloise is settling in nicely & Tio is still behaving himself.  I guess seeing Eloise for the 1st time, short circuited his brain at first.  Typical male I guess, even if he has had "brain surgery". 

Everyone seems to be doing pretty good, enjoying the gorgeous weather right now, & running around trying to find poor little green sprigs that attempt to sneak above the ground.  Not much green out there, except for the cactus & even it gets molested quite a bit.  

Courtney is coming Wednesday to trim those that need it.  Gus is walking carefully, like he's tender, so hopefully a little trimming will help.  Now that Jenny is gone, Courtney doesn't have to come so often, but we still have bad feet that need to be trimmed on a regular basis.  And then there is's time for his "first" time.  I'm dreading it, he doesn't mind the halter, doesn't mind being messed with, doesn't mind his feet picked up, if you don't hold them too long.  BUT putting all that together & adding trimming those little feet, is probably going to be "interesting".  He is so independent, in fact Ruthie acts like she is trying to wean him & he won't be 3 months old until the 25th of March.  I guess she's decided if he's not going to listen to her, then he can just feed himself. 


Laura said...

Hi, this is mom to Eloise from Forever Home. All the donkeys, Tio Mio, Jack, and the new Eloise, are all getting together GREAT!!! Tio was a handful the day that John and Tish brought Eloise up to our property...but Tio Mio settled down and was a perfect gentleman after an hour or so of acting like a raving maniac!!! Thank you John and Tish, so much for the newest member of my family!

Tish said...

You're welcome, she's a good girl & will keep the boys busy I'm sure. Still looking for you another girl.