Sunday, March 10, 2013

Well, she's out & about & moving at a pretty quick step.  She has been very upset that she couldn't go out with the other donkeys.  By the time John let her out this morning, they had all disappeared, so she is running around trying to find them.  John just went out to see if he could find HER.....!!!  LOL  I have a feeling getting her back into her pen this afternoon MIGHT be a little bit of a challenge.  She doesn't take directional signals very well, & moves fast enough that us lowly humans probably won't be able to keep up.

Tyler is going to try to come out Tuesday afternoon to trim her feet before she goes to her new home, Thursday.  Yesterday I haltered her & tied her up to see how she is with her feet.  Not too good, in fact I was trying to pick up a front foot & she is kicking backwards with a hind foot, basically having a temper fit.  I let her know that I really didn't appreciate this behavior, & we came to an agreement, that she would let me hold up a front foot for a second or two.  

I decided I wasn't that interested in picking up a back foot, but would like to see how sensitive she was to being touched.  I got a stick about 4 feet long, put a glove on it & touched her everywhere, she didn't even cringe or move.  So I guess everything is OK, except picking up feet.

Last night when John shut her pen off from the other 5 pens she had access to all day, she spent quite sometime banging the gate hard, & kicking out that hind foot.  I guess that's her temper foot........!!!

The people said she's been eating bermuda hay, but so far she isn't much interested in it, although she is eating the Lakin Lite & beet pulp mush.  I even tried her on a little alfalfa this morning, which she picked out of the bermuda.  We've had a couple of incidents of hyperlipidemia over the years, & Louise died unfortunately.   It isn't normal for an equine not to eat if food is available, so I hope she eats tonight after being able to run around all day.

This morning John played "musical pens", much to the confusion of Frijolita, Daisy, Jack & Molly.  Gus & Quilla are coming back tomorrow after being up in Phoenix since last fall.  Gus likes structure in his life, which equates to having a shelter.  We decided to put Gus & Quilla in Frijolita & Daisy's pens, where there are permanent shelters.  The 2 mules went to a pen John & Steve built last week out of half of Buddy's pen.  Frijolita & Daisy, went into the 2 pens the mules had been using.

Needless to say they were all confused, since they had done their part, by being in their pens when John went out this morning, waiting for treats & breakfast.  It went OK, but I'm sure they thought he'd lost his mind.  Probably won't go any smoother tonight, & then we'll have the added fun of getting Eloise back in her pen.......!!  I think we'll start early.....!!! LOL

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