Monday, March 04, 2013

This is what Boaz's knee looked like after 2 days of not putting Thuja Zinc Oxide on it to keep it soft....!!
Dr.Nancy making it bleed.......!!!

I let it dry out, so she could see what it does if I don't "doctor" it.  She actually thought it had come a long way, but did find a little bit of proud flesh to cut off. Said I should keep it bandaged.........Sigh......!!  He is very good at either tearing them completely off or wearing holes in them.  She said rather than changing bandages every day or so, to leave them on until they wear out or fall off.  So I guess I'll see how long I can keep one on there.  She thinks it will eventually heal over, I hope so.  Fly season is coming & it's bad enough without having open sores to deal with.  

Looks like Heloise might be coming to visit us this Friday.  For right now I wouldn't feel comfortable for Frijolita & Daisy to go down into "vet deprived" country, which the Elfrida & Gleeson area is.  They just have too many health issues to not have a convenient vet.  I told Laura maybe in the future, but in the meantime I would keep my ears open for a couple of jennies that were healthy & having a vet in the neighborhood wouldn't be quite so important.  This morning I heard about a family moving out of state that can't take Heloise with them.  Haven't heard back from Laura if she is interested, but it sounds like it would be a good "fix" for everyone.  

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