Sunday, March 03, 2013

We have 4 of these feline types in the house, 3 boys & one nasty little girl.  Moogee should actually be an only cat.  Not only does she pick fights with the boys, she's sneaky about it.  Unless you see what is happening, you can't rely on the screeching & yowling to tell you, who's doing what to whom.  Lately I just blame her, since I'm pretty sure she usually starts it.  If she starts it with Nigel, he will finish it, no matter what "treasure" of mine is in the way.  Doesn't do any good to yell at him either, he is totally focused on catching her & making her pay.  

I actually think the donkeys are easier to take care of, maybe that's because they aren't in the house........!!!!  Ha!

Tomorrow we're taking Boaz in to have his knee looked at again.  I haven't doctored it for a couple of days, so they can see how it looks without doctoring.

The rest of the week has filled in nicely, John has a couple of jeep tours & Thursday we're visiting with a good friend from Saudi.  He & his son live in Texas, & are on the road in their RV for awhile.  They came by this afternoon for a visit.  Norb's son Dan went for a ride in the race car.  It's always amazing to me that people want to go for rides in the car.  I guess I'm a control freak, because the idea of riding in a race car with someone else driving doesn't sound that exciting, or maybe too exciting......!!!!  I have ridden "shotgun" in a couple of races, but that's different than running around on a dirt road.  

Our son might go up to Central Arizona Raceway to race Saturday.  If he does, we'll go up too.  It's 120 miles from our gate to the track, the reason I know this is because we raced up there, every week-end a few years ago.  Sure makes for a long night.......!!!   They don't race the Hornets up there, thank goodness.......LOL

Next week we're going up to pick Gus & Quilla up from Claire.  Her grass is starting to green up.  Need to keep Gus away from grass, so he doesn't founder.

I raced last night, did pretty good, finished 3rd in the heat race & 5th in the main event.  Surprised I'm not black & blue today, got up close & personal with most of the cars on the track it seems, judging from the unmatching paint on the car & assorted scrapes & dents.  Don't race again for 3 weeks, don't know who makes up the schedule, but it doesn't make much sense. 

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