Monday, April 01, 2013

Looks like we might be getting in a new molly mule tomorrow morning.  John had to get a tire fixed last week, & the owner of the place asked if we knew anyone that would take his 28 year old molly that couldn't keep up as a pack mule anymore.  John remembered Rusty & said we "might" take her........!!!  You know how that goes. 
I think it is sad that people see nothing wrong with rehoming their animals when they no longer can keep up.  Of course they do the same thing with Grandma & Grandpa, putting them in nursing homes, so I guess it shouldn't be a big shock.  Most of them have probably been good "soldiers" doing what was asked of them.  We don't mind being their retirement home, but it would be nice if they were appreciated enough by their owner to keep them in their familiar surroundings for the rest of their lives. 
I sure hope Rusty likes her, the main reason we agreed to take Jack & Molly the mini mules, was so Rusty could have friends.  Unfortunately he doesn't like Jack & neither does anyone else.  I might add none of this bothers Jack one little bit, he just presses on with being his obnoxious little self.  We haven't really been able to figure out exactly what he does that irritates everyone.  Cisco won't even go in his gate that is closest to Jack's if Jack is in the pen.  John has to take Cisco all the way around thru the mini donkeys pen.  
Courtney is suppose to come this afternoon, I have my fingers crossed.  Gus needs a trim pretty bad, & of course Wister isn't getting any smaller or weaker, so it should be interesting. 

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