Saturday, April 06, 2013

Molly's feet

We're still working on Molly's feet every morning & she's still snapping those feet to attention when asked.  Animal Crackers are the answer to the world's problems I guess, at least she thinks so....!!! 
Her feet are all nice & dry, although I have to pick them out every morning, she keeps everything she steps on, it looks like.  One of the rear ones had a flap of frog that was holding in moisture.  I could count the times I've tried to use a hoof knife on one hand.  I don't  have the strength in my wrists to use one effectively & I've also never learned how to sharpen one.  
 I finally managed to get the flap "gnawed" off.  She was such a good little girl, just stood there with her foot in the air.  I finally got the piece off, but not because I knew what I was doing.  Actually that's not true, I knew what I wanted to do, just didn't have the expertise. 
My order from Valley Vet came yesterday, so I now have No Thrush powder.  This is the first powder thrush treatment I've seen.  Most thrush medicine is liquid or a gel, which of course adds more moisture to a situation caused by trapped moisture.  Right now Molly's feet are all dry, so I think I'll just continue with my apple cider vinegar, or just pick out her feet once a day.  If they are dry shouldn't even need the vinegar probably. 
John had a jeep tour yesterday so I did evening chores by myself.  Not a problem except Red was an unknown entity as far as going back in her pen.  She had only done it once, & that was for John, not me.  She stood around, watched everyone else going in their pens, & when the time came, followed me into her pen, like she had done it for years.  She's really a nice mule, & seems to be settling in just fine. 
Tomorrow is the last day for Cheyenne's Naxcel shots.  I'll be glad & I know she will be.  So far there is no new discharge,  hopefully this will take care of the uterine strep infection.  If not, we'll have to do it again.
Racing tonight, in fact not only am I racing, my son is going to have his Super Stock out & hopefully my grandson J.R. will have his.  Last I heard they were working like ants trying to get it put back together.  He hasn't raced it in about a year, & since his Dad's car takes the same parts, parts had been cannibalized to keep Rod's car on the track.  It's never a good idea to let a race car sit for long, with good useable parts on it, because they will disappear........!!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Has Red ever been able to run free or has she been stalled at night and worked the day?

Tish said...

My guess from the way she acts is, she was fed at night & kept in. John let her out last night for the first time. She just stood in the pen, BUT, this morning she came in with the herd, so I think she's figuring it out.

The Happy Chance said...

This is a lovely blog, dedicated to your experiences with a donkey rescue. All the love and best to your home and donkeys. Thank you for sharing!

Tish said...

Glad you enjoy it, donkeys are such special creatures, civilizations have been built on the backs of donkeys, yet they are often treated as a throw-a-way.