Thursday, April 11, 2013


Don't expect much from me for a day or two.  The man brought my computer back with a new hard drive installed, plugged it in & left.  I haven't thrown anything yet, but that could definitely be a possibility.  What has really got me going is I can't get my e-mail account to dump my e-mail into Microsoft Live Mail, like it is suppose to do.  Not sure who owns the problem, I can get to my mail, just not with one click.........yet.........!!!
One thing about it, the hard drive is nice and clean, almost spotless, which I guess is a good thing.  But I sure do miss all my old one click stops.  OK, enough whining, poor John is going to have to hear enough of that, over the next few days. 
All the "fur" kids seem to be doing just fine.  A few already have their fly masks on.  Even though it's been fairly cool the last few days, the ones that don't have good immune systems attract the more hardy flies, flying around.  Lysa found wigglers in the Rubbermaid 50 gallon water tank yesterday.  I wouldn't think it was mosquitos, but whatever they are, will get dumped just as soon as the kids  drink the water down, probably tomorrow. 
Although I usually don't do a name change when new ones come in unless it is something that I just can't live with, Red does have a new more appropriate name.  Nothing wrong with Red, but it just didn't seem to have a lot of thought put into it.  We're calling her Reba now.  If you follow country music you will know why.  If not, that's OK, it's a good name for her anyway. 


Patti said...

The little wigglies in the stock tank? They tend to show up mornings - I scoop them out with a pool skimmer net. I use the net to clean tanks and buckets daily come spring/summer - saves a lot of water dumping.

Tish said...

I wish I knew if they are or aren't mosquitoes. If they are daphnia or something like that, I'd leave them alone.