Friday, April 05, 2013

When we first let Red out yesterday

More of the parade
I tried to add these videos to yesterday's blog, BUT, for over a week Blogspot has had a problem, & adding a new post or like yesterday adding a video doesn't always work.  I've had to change from Mozilla Firefox to Internet Exployer to even be able to add a new post.  People all over the world are screaming like banchees, FIX IT...........but so far not much is happening.  Since it doesn't cost anything to use Blogspot, I guess we shouldn't complain.  But once you get use to something being there, it's rather grating not to have it. 
Red seems to be fitting in nicely, even if Rusty doesn't seem to realize she is here as his new friend.  She hangs out in the middle of the donkey herd & moves when they move.  Last night she came in limping on front let.  I wanted to make sure she didn't have a rock caught or something.  She picked her foot up nicely, no problem.  Her owner said she was OK with her fronts but not with the backs, so I'm glad that's true.....!!! LOL  Didn't find anything. 
This morning John wasn't available to help doctor, so Lysa got to help.  We did Cheyenne first, tying her with her butt in the corner worked out much better, although she still didn't give up without a fight.  But Lysa was up to the task.
I didn't know how Molly would react to someone other than John giving her cookies in exchange for her picking up her feet.  Not a problem, I don't think she'd care if it was Jack the Ripper, as long as the cookies kept coming.  She sure does pack poo & whatever, in the "caverns" along each side of her frogs, which of course would hold in any moisture.  So I think it will be important to pick her feet out on a regular basis.  Hopefully with regular trimming Courtney can get her feet more "normal".   
Got a call yesterday from a man interested in the 2 mini mules.  Said he was in his 70's, liked to train the little ones to pull carts & wagons & give kids rides for free, not as a business.  Hmmmmm, call me cautious, but I didn't get a warm fuzzy feeling talking to him.  I told him we required him to come out for a visit, which he said he lived too far away.  Hmmmmm.........then I told him we did a home study & he said thanks & hung up.  Still don't know, but my antenna was twitching.  Jack needs a job, but not that bad.  

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