Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Well I guess it just took a few days for them to "discover" each other.  Since their pens are side by side they should know by now they are both mules, but here is how I found them this afternoon.  Reba usually hangs out with what we call the "A" team, Tula, Frijolita, Daisy, Quilla, Boaz & BlackJack.  We'll see if this new relationship survives.
We found a little lizard in Mother's room this afternoon.  He had gotten trapped in a large pot & couldn't get out.  He'd been there long enough to almost be dessicated & could just barely move, it was hard to tell if he was alive or not.  I took him outside in the sun & put him on some moist ground around my tomato plants.  As scrawny as he was I figured he needed some groceries, ie, bugs.  Today has been cold & windy, not exactly good bug hunting weather, but I headed out for the water buckets, which usually has drowned bugs floating in them.  He wasn't big enough to eat big bugs & I was lucky enough to find a little one.  Brought it back to the courtyard & put it as close to him as I could.  He wasn't up to moving around very much.  I went in the house & when I came back out he had moved & the bug was gone.  Went back out to find another one.  Came back with my prize & he had moved again, so I figured we were making progress.  That one disappeared too, so I figured I was on a roll, with this bug hunting routine.  Found another one, brought it back, but by this time he had recuperated enough that I couldn't get my offering close to him, without him trying to run off.  The last I saw he was headed over the side of the courtyard wall, still pretty scrawny looking, but hopefully has a better chance of surviving than he did. 
Our grandson, J.R. finally got his race car together, & we're going with him out to the track tomorrow night for practice.  He doesn't race until in May sometime, but wants to see if he got all the pieces back where they belong, before then.  I race this Saturday night, brought it home last time in one piece, so John didn't have to do anything to it, except wash it.  That makes it really fun, when you don't have to spend a lot of time, "fixing" it.  One of the guys that raced a hornet a couple of years ago, never even took his car home from the track.  Left it parked there, & didn't even wash it.  He actually finished in 1st place that year, which has to be fun, just show up & race. 
The mesquite trees are leafing out, so I guess it is officially spring.  Hope it stays "spring" for a long time.  Not looking forward to 100 degree weather. 


Cindy D. said...

Donkeys, mules and lizards! You are a true rescuer of God's creatures. Many folks would have just thrown the little guy out not worrying if he survived. I'm like you, I'd have found him some food. I like lizards.

Tish said...

I never thought of "man" as a superior species. We're all here together, & should help each other along the path of life. Although I must admit the poor little flying insects I took out of the water were still alive. Sorry guys.....!!! LOL