Saturday, April 13, 2013

WE'RE HAVING FUN NOW.........!!!!

Well at least I am.  I wrestled my computer all day Thursday, called Eian Friday morning & he came out to help.  I told him, I was ready to jerk the new hard drive out & put the old one back in.  He came out put the old hard drive back in, & it basically threw up.  Would not load at all, he said it had been that close to crashing.  So back in went the new hard drive, & he managed to get my e-mail to go where I wanted it to & load programs I hadn't been able to.  I LOVE it when someone knows what they are doing. 
BUT, we did run into a problem, my publishing program disc refused to load even for someone that knows what they are doing.  It's a 2003 model, & I really don't want to learn new skills.  Since it's so old it's relatively cheap on E-bay, so I've already ordered a new disc, hope it works or I'll really be unhappy....!!! 
Eian shouldn't have cleaned the fan though.  It was growling, covered with cat hair & other unrecognizable "stuff", it looked like it was about 4 years past due.  Last night it started squealing & slowing down.  Guess we shouldn't have cleaned it.......!!!! LOL  Of course there is no such item in Benson, John is going into Tucson Monday, I spent most of the afternoon calling around & only found one place that said they "probably" had one. 
I'm turning the computer off when the fan gets hot & starts squealing, then turning it back on when it cools off.  So far that is working, but it's a real pain, sure hope John finds a fan. 
BlackJack destroyed Boaz's fly mask today, tore the Velcro off.  That's seems to be his M.O. jerk Boaz around with the mask until it finally comes apart...................!!!!!  It's going to be a LONG, HOT summer, I'm afraid. 
Wister finally learned to bray yesterday.  A couple of weeks ago, he learned to make noise.  I told John they must not be able to make noise for a couple of months after they are born.  In the wild making noise at the wrong time might be dangerous, if not fatal.  I guess by the time they are 2-3 months old, the mother expects obedience.  "Me" thinks Ruthie is lucky not to be in the wild with him, because he hasn't really paid much attention to what she wants since the first couple of weeks after he was born.  A very independent little cuss. 
I haven't heard him bray yet, John says it sounds like someone strangling a goat or worse.  So I guess there is a lot of room for improvement.   


Patti said...

Tish - it really sounds like you're at the point where a new computer would cost less in the long run.
You could try a Mac : )
Seriously, a new laptop would take up a fraction of the space and have a lot more storage.

Tish said...

If I don't like getting a new hard drive, do you know what changing to a Mac would do to me? Not to mention changing to a laptop at the same time.......????? LOL I think we're down to new fan, less than $10 & the Publisher 2003 I ordered. Everything else seems to be doing OK....I hope...!!