Wednesday, April 03, 2013



 Red has settled in nicely, although she has already figured out, everyone else is going out and she isn't.  We'll give her a couple of days in before letting her out to roam.  She's pretty bomb proof, so it probably wouldn't be necessary, but this way she gets a chance to look around without "eyes" & "nosies" everywhere......!!!


FOUND IT.....!!!


She's a lucky girl to get to 28-30 with such pretty feet, judging from the feet we usually get in. 

Well as they say "one door closes, another door opens"  or something like that.  Red puts us up to our self imposed limit of 20.  Got a call this morning, looks like we'll be taking in at least one & possibly 4 donkeys........!!!! Don't know all the particulars yet.  John's already been out trying to figure out pens.
Poor Buddy Brat, his pen already got halved so the mini mules would have a pen.  Now John is talking about taking another half of what he has left to make a pen.  At least he still has a shelter, which is important to him.  He seems to think he will melt if he gets wet.....!!!
Still giving Cheyenne a shot every morning.  This morning John forgot & let her out before her shot.  We went out & found the herd, got a halter & lead on her & she preceeded to pitch a "mini" fit.  The thing about a mini fit is, they are about as hard to control as a "big" fit...........!!  Didn't have anyplace to push her up against, so had to lead her all the way back to the pens where there are convenient corral panels.  Even then she was a little pill. 
Molly's thrushy feet seem to be doing good.  I didn't even soak any of them this morning, I dug around & couldn't find any nasty smelly stuff, so I crammed Banixx soaked cotton into the nooks & crannies & turned her loose.  Last night I picked her feet up to make sure they didn't have any manure embedded in the frogs, & the cotton I had put in that morning was still there.  Now that is some deep crevices.......!!!!  If they look good in the morning I might just wet all 4 feet down with apple cider vinegar.  I think it will be important to check her feet every day in the future & make sure she doesn't have manure or dirt packed in her frogs to hold in moisture.  Most of the donkeys don't have the problem of deep crevices if anything just the opposite, flat feet. 

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