Thursday, April 25, 2013

AREN'T I CUTE.......????

WISTER, 4 MONTHS OLD TODAY (thanks Steffen)

I'm trying to find someone to geld the little "Monster Man", but so far no takers. None of the local vets want to geld him until he's a year old.  Fine..........they can take him home & put up with his antics if they want.....!!!  LOL  He is already obnoxious & doesn't know why.  He's just about given up on being a momma's boy, he'd rather hang out with the guys.  He likes daddy Boaz & also Quilla the best so far. 

Pepper was down again this morning, John found him in the wash over in Burroland.  He popped up, so he hadn't been down for very long.  But he wasn't moving very quickly when he got up.  Of course he was pawing the mat in his pen once he got there, because breakfast wasn't served quick enough........!!! 

The first lost fly mask of the season is still lost as of this morning.  Daisy never loses a mask, but she did yesterday.  It just happens to be a beige color, which will blend right in with dirt & trees.  That's why I put that one on her rather than a colorful one, because she NEVER loses her mask...........!!! SIGH!  We looked all over last night & didn't find it, big surprise.   There is one of the beige ones out there, leftover from last year, we never did find it, maybe they are both in the same place.......what's the chances of that happening? 


Patti said...

Won't geld even if both are dropped? Doesn't make sense. Did you try Dr. Hutchison?

Tish said...

Nope! When Nancy gelded Tucker she complained that she had done bigger dogs. Isn't Hutchison the one that uses that drill method?

Anonymous said...

sounds like you need lime green or hot pink fly masks. can you dye all the lighter ones?

Tish said...

Colorful Equines makes our masks & they are pretty bright. But sometimes they are still hard to find on acres of mesquite & brush. I need GPS on them.......!! LOL

A couple that came out for a tour last year, sent the beige masks after they left, guess they thought ours looked a little ragged. They would be fine in a "pasture" setting,they are really nice masks. I always go for the brightest, & have told Renee at C.E. the brighter the better. She's come up with some pretty wild ones.

Mel N.Y. said...

Do your Vets know that donkeys can start breeding at around 8 months old?

Tish said...

If they do they aren't reacting to the "problem" very well. I've got to get on the phone & see if I can find a vet in Tucson, but we'll have to haul the poor little guy. We've always said we're glad we lived in 3rd world countries, it prepared us for living in Cochise county....!!! LOL