Tuesday, April 23, 2013

FLY MASK DAY..........!!!


We've been putting fly masks on the ones that are fly magnets for a couple of weeks.  The last couple of days EVERYONE has had a fly or two bothering their eyes.  Last night I dragged out my stash of masks and found out I'm shy a couple of mini masks.  Usually we have 4 minis, right now we have not only Wister, but the 2 mini mules, so I need 7 masks, only have 6.  Wister has a hairy little face, so I'll leave him alone until I get some more.  

I was surprised I had enough masks left over from last year to start the season, without having to get into my new ones.  Not taking bets on who will come in tonight sans mask, Boaz is almost a given, BJ really enjoys taking them off.  Unfortunately by the time he & Boaz push, tug & jerk, the mask is usually not useable again.  That is if we even find it. 

Molly & Jack were good to get their masks on.  We never know if they've even see a mask when they come here, so it's always interesting the first time.  Reba has an ear fetish, as in, "don't touch my ears, EVER".  We tried without a halter, but she wasn't having none of it.  Haltered her, and I made the ear opening as wide as I could to "drop" it on her.  After it was on, she was fine, so she's probably had masks on before.  Just have to get by that ear thing first.  

Pepper was down again this morning in the wash, had been for awhile.  He seems to go thru periods of getting down on that side almost daily, and then will go for months without having a problem.  But once he's up & recuperated, he is his old "buzzard" self again, ears up and eyes bright. 

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