Monday, April 08, 2013


The weatherman said winds up to 70 mph today, & it feels like it.  I think John's weather station isn't working, it says the peak wind is 25mph.  We lived in Iceland for 2 years, believe me I KNOW wind......!!!! Twenty five mph was a calm day in Keflavik.  There is so much dust in the air you can't see very far.  The birds have given up on trying to use the feeders, & I haven't seen a donkey since this all started.  I would imagine they are hold up somewhere waiting for the onslaught to be over......!!!
John went to Tucson today to do "guy" stuff.  At least he didn't take the high profile van, it's always fun to drive in wind.  The pick-up is a little better. 
I will probably be gone for a few days, not sure how many, not looking forward to it.  My hard drive has been growling for quite sometime, so I'm getting a new one.  Having to redo my computer is one of the most traumatic things I ever have to do.  But there comes a time when it only makes sense to give up crippling along, bit the bullet & start fresh......!!!!   I know I'll lose something that is absolutely vital to my life.  It will probably be something that has been important, that I haven't used for a long time............BUT....... it's on my old hard drive, if & when I want to use it.  I admire people that can re-format at the drop of a hat & think nothing of it.  I am sooooooooo status quo.....!!!
I think Cheyenne missed not getting her shot this morning.  Well, probably missed the cookies that went with it.  She was a little hesitant about going out of her pen.  We didn't clean Molly's feet out, the wind was already trying to send us into the next county.  She's so good about picking her feet up, I don't want to jinx her. 
I checked up on the new jenny we hauled a couple of weeks ago who has been named Queen of Sheba.  When we delivered her, they started running around a large field & Jenny the resident donkey hurt her leg.  Win says she is still laying down quite a bit & had some swelling at the pastern, fetlock area right above the hoof.  Said the swelling wasn't hardly noticeable, but I guess it is painful.  Her trimmer came out & trimmed Sheba, which was long overdue.  He said it will probably take quite a while for Jenny to get back to normal.  She is over 40 years old, probably hadn't had a reason to run for years & just strained something.   I asked Win if she would like for us to take Sheba for awhile so Jenny could get all the attention, but she seems to think when we put them back together they'd probably start running again.  She said they are getting along very good, so hopefully everything will work out. 
I don't even recognize these people....!!!! Ha!
This picture was taken a "few" years ago, probably in the late 80's.  John & I were on a cruise from Luxor to Cairo up the Nile.  Glad we have our memories, because I wouldn't go back, unless the regime changed.  That goes for other places we lived in or visited over the years.  I feel sorry for the "people" in Egypt.  When we were there tourism was the majority of their economy, even though there were areas where tourists didn't go.  We flew to Luxor rather than take the train, foreigners weren't allowed on the train, because it went thru villages that were hot beds of opposition, ie, criminals.  Of course right after we were there, they blew up a bus with a bunch of German tourists, pretty close to the Museum in Cairo. 


Donna said...

You two look relaxed and carefree, not to mention beautiful and handsome...ahhhh....the good ol' days B.D.M.&M's! (before donkeys, mules and mini's?) :)

Tish said...

Lots of good memories, but don't know that I'd change it for D.M & M......!!! (G)

Ingrid said...

What a most delightful site this is, and what wonderful work you do! I am glad to have run across your blog, it warms my heart. Thank you very much for sharing! Best, Ingrid

Tish said...

I'm glad you enjoy it Ingrid, check back often to see what the kids are up to.

Ingrid said...

I will, Tish, definitely!