Tuesday, April 02, 2013


As you can tell from the set of the ears, feet, eyes, not to mention the set of the tail, she is NOT happy. 

Courtney got out to trim last night.  We started with Wister, figured to get him out of the way while Courtney was strong....!!!! LOL
I think she is the first person to yell at him...........well let me tell you he was NOT impressed.  John had him tied & I thought he was going to climb out of the pen, he got those front feet off the ground & was trying to plant them somewhere to get away from that person......!!!  He really is a smart little guy, one big blow up & he decided if cookies were involved maybe it wasn't so bad after all.  He wasn't perfect, but he never tried to kick and was pretty good for the first time,  she even used power tools.  He actually didn't seem to mind the tools as much as he did being "restrained", that was the horrible part. 
When Courtney was out last time & trimmed the mini mules for the first time, she found a little bit of thrush in a couple of Molly's feet.  With a good trim she thought it would probably heal itself out here running around in the rough dry ground.  Didn't work, if anything it was worse. 
Courtney trimmed off a bunch of frog to open up the area & left me with instructions.  Both front feet are pretty nasty, the backs not so much. 
This morning I mixed up some White Lightening for the worst of the fronts.  Got one of my IV bags, tied her up, put on the bag, poured in the White Lightening, & we had a rodeo.  I don't know if it was the "wet" being poured on her leg or what, but she wasn't having any of it, thank you very much....!!!  Mixed up some more White Lightening, while John explained to her, we were going to do this.  I wasn't really sure we were going to "git er done", but we did..........this time.  I don't think she actually cooperated, I think she spent her time thinking of how to win next time.......!!!!  
Once it had soaked, & we told her what a good girl she was, it was time to address the other 3 feet.  The back feet that aren't so bad, I just cleaned out & sprayed with cider vinegar.  The other front foot, I put a piece of cotton on a hoof pick, and used that to stuffed as much Banixx into the nooks & crannies as I could.  Her hooves are so contracted with deep concavity I could leave the cotton in there, which I did.  Figured it would help to hold the Banixx in longer & also help to keep dirt & whatever from packing in. 
Can't wait for tomorrow morning.......!!!! LOL

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