Friday, February 03, 2012

We are taking Mocha & Tucker in to the vet today to see if he can finally eat hay instead of just mush.  He will be 5 months old Monday & really thinks he's "hot stuff".  Every once in awhile he just can't help himself & has to grab a coat sleeve & hang on.  We grab the hair on his chest & then he's a good boy for awhile.  

We're also hauling Bijou to meet Courtney to get his little feet trimmed.  I'm going to ask her about maybe trying boots on him to see if it would make his feet more comfortable.  The only problem is, he has little bitty feet, not much bigger than Tucker's, & none of my Soft-Rides will fit him...........!!!! SIGH....!!    I did check their web-site & they make tiny little boots, so I'll see what size Courtney thinks will fit him. 

This morning Cheyenne decided there was a Cheyenne eating monster at the neighbor's.  None of the other minis had a problem going in their pen, but she decided she wasn't going as she stared over there.  All of a sudden the jennies are starting to act like drama queens.  At least the "Bijou scares me" crisis seems to be over, hopefully by tonight she won't have to be chased around & around the pen area with a stick.  We never use it, but when we pick up a stick, they know we mean it.........!!!! LOL  

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