Monday, February 06, 2012


We took Boaz into the vet today to check where he was gelded & also to check the big sore on his knee.  This morning when we got ready to load him, it only took a few animal crackers to entice  him to jump into the trailer.  He really is a good boy, hasn't been worked with much, but more than willing try to figure out what in the "sam hill" we want him to do.  

The vet thinks the sore is proud flesh, that earlier in his life he got a cut or something on the side of his knee.  When he lays down, it is perfectly placed to get pressure put on it.  I asked the owner when we got him how long it had been there & he said it was there when Boaz came to him over a year ago.  But it also could be cancer, so we decided to do a biopsy & send it off to the University of Arizona.  In the meantime while he was doped up, she decided to clean it up as well as she could. Thank goodness she cauterized it, otherwise I think he might have bled to death.  Excessive bleeding is a sign of proud flesh, so hopefully that's what it is.  She wrapped it up & hopefully when we unwrap it in 3 days or so, it will look good.  I had the camera with me, but got so involved in the surgery, I forgot about taking any pictures..........!!!! 

He was happy to get home, someone called to him from Burroland, & he took off as soon as he got out of the trailer.  

Courtney has had more car trouble than one person should have, & we haven't been able to hook up with her, to get Bijou's feet trimmed.  We're trying for this Thursday.  He's pretty ouchy right now, although we open up the pens for him during the day he prefers to stay in & lay down.  When he first gets up he is really lame, but after a few steps he get much better.  So I think if he would move around more he might be better off, but then again I haven't "WALKED A MILE IN HIS MOCCASINS", so it's his choice.  He's a friendly little guy, I just wish he was more comfortable. 


alarm control panel said...

That's a lot of pressure actually. But it has to be done.

Tish said...

I'm hoping when the bandage comes off in a couple of days it will look good & I can keep it covered with a disposable diaper until it heals.