Thursday, February 23, 2012

TUCKER IS OUT & ABOUT..........!!

This morning we had to go into Benson early & pick up some corral panels.  Big Country Livestock Equipment from Texas go all over the west & southwest with panels they make.  His next stop was suppose to be Tucson........BUT......... since he was driving thru Benson anyway I asked if we could pick them up instead of in Tucson.  When we got there we weren't the only ones picking up panels, guess I just didn't know the routine......!!!  (G)

This morning when we left everyone was still in their pens eating.  When we got home I decided that it was time to let Tucker out with the whole herd, Rusty included.

We let everyone out except Tucker & Mocha first.  Usually they would all take off towards Burroland but....... NO........... not today.  They all stood around the feed room doing nothing I could figure out........!!!  When Tucker & Mocha went out they headed right for the herd, of course.  Rusty took one look at Tucker & took off after him, with Mocha trying to get between them.  I watched for a little while & he really wasn't being mean, it was almost like he wanted Tucker to run so he could chase him.  

Might have been a good idea 25 years ago, but the difference between age 33 & 5 months started to show up pretty quick.....!!! LOL  The video was later, you can see Tucker is still perky & bouncing around, Rusty, not so much..........!!!  

Haven't seen Ruger around him at all.  He was the other one I worried about. He's a little over a year old & might play too rough with the little guy.  

Tucker is staying busy going all over the place, looking & smelling EVERYTHING, I bet he sleeps good tonight......!! Poor Mocha is going to be a nervous wreck, since she is trying to organize his outing, without much luck.

This year's race car is ready to go.  Poor John has kept himself busy trying to get the seat & safety belts to fit me, & still let me do things like push the clutch, & shift gears.  It's been a challenge, he's threatened to haul the car into our son Rod's & let him figure it out.  But I think he might have finally got it figured out.  I took it out on the road yesterday, found out it is a lot more peppy than the Toyota, more horsepower.  That's good you can never have too much horsepower......!! 

It's been raced, so we're starting out with a few dents


I hope BlackJack would be proud.....!!


Witcheylady said...

When do you start racing again?

Tish said...

First race is the 31st of March, but don't know if the Hornets or the Super Stocks will be racing. Information doesn't seem to be important to the "powers that be"...!

Exam Cram said...

Thanks for sharing this info...

Tish said...

Which info, the corral panels or the racing....? (G)

DesertHoofprints said...

ZOOM ZOOM! Let us know when you're racing!

Tish said...

We are on the schedule for the 31st of March.......Yippee!