Saturday, February 18, 2012

TUCKER'S HOME.......!!!!


Trip went fine, rain quit on the east side of Tucson, & by the time we got up to Gilbert, the sun was shining.  

I think they were happy to see us, either that or they had been having a great time, coming to the fence & begging for attention.  One of the vets said everyone had enjoyed having them up there, & they both were quite talkative, so I assume they were good donkey ambassadors.

Came home with instructions to feed Tucker hay & watch him.  We could have done that on our own, but I'm glad we had him scoped again.  Since our local vet (we're down to one) doesn't do emergencies if she can help it over the week-end, we're feeding them mush until Monday.  Then we'll make the "big" change.

Let them out this morning, while everyone else was eating in their pens.  Tucker isn't quite as "clingy" to Mocha as I thought he'd be.  Of course he is 5 months old, but going out of the pen is a big step even for a little guy that thinks he's "hot stuff".  And he does think that, we were "persona non grata", I guess he thought we'd stick him back in the pen.  He finally took an animal cracker from John, but none of the "touchie feelie" stuff.

When the minis got done eating, we let them out too.  Figured they aren't big enough to hurt him.  

Justin had to exercise him a little bit, just for fun I guess.  Tucker didn't seem scared & Justin didn't act like he was really trying to catch him.  I broke it up & the minis all headed down west of the house. 

He settled down & started checking out all the stuff he could.  Even ate some greasewood, which according to my vets, nothing will eat greasewood.  We'll be lucky is we have any left on the property in a couple of years.  They have pretty much decimated most of it.  And the prickly pear isn't faring too much better.  He poked his nose on a cactus & seemed to learn not to do it again.  

Tomorrow we'll let a couple more out while he's out & see how it goes.   We don't want them to overwhelm him, all at the same time. 


Witcheylady said...

Tucker is so blasted cute!
I hope he does okay with hay.
Keep us posted.
Caught Gus & Quilla playing again this afternoon. First Quilla had Gus by the scruff of the neck & then Gus was chasing Quilla, nipping at his

Tish said...

So far, so good, now that the week-end is over we'll work towards more hay & less mush.
Glad the boys are having fun, & with Quilla you have an "enforcer" for animal control. What more could you ask for.........? LOL