Friday, February 10, 2012


Here he is with his little boots on.  Actually it looks like we won't have to get another pair for him.  This is the smallest pair I have & Courtney doesn't have any small one, so we decided to try these.  Courtney thinks the way his feet are built, he probably couldn't wear smaller ones anyway.  So we'll try these for awhile & see how it goes.  

He seems to appreciate having them on.  He was perkier last night when John went out at bedtime, & was on his feet.  Lately he had been laying down by then.  

This morning he was up when we went out & he's still up, so I assume he's more comfortable with them on.  I sure hope so, I hate to see them not be able to move around very well.  

If anyone has had trouble downloading all the posts for February the last couple of days, it should be fixed now.  I just barely have enough smarts to do what little I do in the blog.  If anything does wrong, I'm pretty much up the old "creek w/o a paddle", which I was when the posts all disappeared. 

I went on the forum at Blogspot & asked for help.  Some blessed soul left a message that I can't copy a picture into the blog rather than downloading it. He said it puts in huge amounts of machine language & nothing below it can load.  Went back in & did it "right", & low & behold, everything is back where it belongs. YIPPEE...!  

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