Tuesday, February 07, 2012


 Canal in France

We're going to be home all day today, hopefully, so we let Bijou the little horse out this morning. I think he needs more exercise to help his arthritis in his feet, but that should be his choice.  He lays down most of the day in the pens, because quite frankly there isn't anything of interest doing on.  

We let him out & he was wandering around, so I went in the house.  Later on the dogs were barking their, "Oh boy this is fun" bark, which we always check on to see just exactly what they think is so much fun.  Usually it's Tucker doing laps in his pen. 

This time it was Rusty chasing Bijou & making him run.  Don't know if it was in play or what, but Bijou certainly doesn't need to be running around on his crippled feet.  They came past me, I jumped in front of Rusty, put Bijou in his pen, & John came to put Rusty in his pen, much to his disgust.  I let Bijou out of the pen & he went right out to start looking around, but at least this way he doesn't have to contend with Rusty being in his face.  

Since we got Bijou as a companion for Rusty, this isn't exactly going as planned.  If Bijou wants to move around & explore, then Rusty can stay in the pens for awhile.  We've had "problem children" before & have let some out at night & the others during the day.  So it's workable, I just wish Rusty would behave himself. 

Boaz hasn't missed a beat with his leg being in a bandage.  It doesn't seem to be bothering him at all.  If it doesn't start draining thru the bandage or doesn't tighten up on his leg, we'll leave it on until Friday probably.  Hopefully when the bandage is removed it will look good.

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