Wednesday, February 08, 2012

For some reason I am having a heck of a time getting a picture of Boaz's "surgery" on his knee.  Didn't get one at the vet clinic & this morning I changed the bandage.  She said if it oozed thru the bandage to take it off & look to make sure everything was OK.  

Although it had drained somewhat, it had dried up enough to be stuck to the "non-stick" pads, so I had to spray it with water to soften it up.  Don't want to pull off anymore good cells than I have to.  It actually looks pretty good, so I bandaged it back up. Unfortunately my bandage isn't as pretty as the one she did, but it should do the job, I hope.  

First I put on Animax as per vet instructions, then non-stick pads, a roll of gauze to hold the pads in place, taped the gauze in place, added a disposable diaper & vet wrapped it in place.  Diapers are a great bandage for a knee & probably also a hock, because of the way they are built.  

I'll probably change it once a day, so I can be nosy.  So maybe tomorrow I can get a picture of it, if I don't forget. 

Little Bijou is really having a time of it, he's limping pretty bad on his right front.  Our ground is so hard, Susan said he does better on soft ground.  Courtney is going to try to make it out tomorrow, we wouldn't try to haul him with his feet bothering him.  I'm pretty sure Courtney will agree that boots might be good for him.  

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