Monday, February 20, 2012

The hay feeding seems to be going well.  We're still making sure it's broken up as loose as possible, so he doesn't get a big mouthful to chew.  I have made an observation.......... they get their mush first & then we bring in the hay.  They will leave the beet pulp, yeast, Lakin Lite, & timothy pellet mush for old dry bermuda hay. Not sure what that means scientifically, but I do find it interesting.  

They are getting out each morning while the others are in their pens eating.  Yesterday we had a tour so the others weren't in any mood to stay in their pens & watch the kid bop around.  So this morning we'll try introducing a couple of the jennies to him along with the minis of course.  I really don't see anyone being a problem except Ruger is young & might play too rough & Rusty is old & chased him once before when Tucker & Mocha got out accidentally.

Boaz's knee is doing well.  He got the bandage off a couple of days ago, & since it looked so nice & dry I left it open for a night.  Even though it looks good, he managed to bloody it up, so I guess we'll keep it bandaged for the foreseeable future.  He goes back to the vet the 29th for a check-up.

Jenny is still on antibiotics for her rear hoof that is still draining.  Yesterday I noticed she had a piece of hoof on a front foot sticking out like it was trying to break off.  got the nippers, picked up the foot & the problem was a rock about the size of a marble stuck in her white line.  Needless to say her white line is a little wider than normal, but not THAT wide.......YIKES.........!!!  It was stuck in there so hard, I couldn't pick it out, had to nip the hoof wall off to give it some room.  Poor girl, she doesn't need anything else to go wrong with her feet, she's on borrowed time as it is, with her feet. 

Finally got around to calling to check up on Thelma.  Laura said she is the best thing they ever did, they are really enjoying her & getting use to her personality.  Laura said Thelma & Bugsy (ie Eeyore) get along just great, whenever they are by themselves.  She said as soon as Thelma sees people she starts picking on Bugsy, biting & kicking at him.  I guess she wants all the attention herself......!!!

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