Thursday, February 09, 2012

 Well it looks like Tucker will be going up to the Equine Clinic at Gilbert next Monday to be scoped.  Dr. Voss just called & said he can do newborns, so Tucker shouldn't be a problem.  He said they can also do a barium swallow to make sure he doesn't have any pockets or areas that aren't right that could trap hay.  Whew!  this little guy is going to end up gold plated I think....!!! (G) 

This is what Boaz's knee looked like when he came here in January.

This is what it looks like after surgery.  We hope the proud flesh can be controlled long enough for it to heal.  It will always be scar tissue & probably will skin easy when he lays down, but at least it won't be an open blob flopping around on his leg. 


witcheylady said...

Boaz' knee looks to me like it is improving. Slow process!
Pats on the back for Tish!!!

Tish said...

I didn't mess with it today, but I thought it looked pretty good yesterday, & it was nice & dry. Clinic just called & the biopsy showed proud flesh only.....!!! Good news.