Wednesday, February 01, 2012

BIJOU IS OUT & ABOUT..........!!!

He went out this morning right after everyone else.  We should have waited a little while to let him out, everyone was "running" the pens to find little scrapes of hay, & weren't the least bit interested in him, including Rusty.  I saw him later on & he was up visiting with Tucker & Mocha, everyone else had disappeared.  

John said Rusty probably thinks he isn't going to be here very long like the other 2, so why develop a friendship.  I'm sure they will find each other eventually, but I certainly thought Rusty would be right with Bijou as soon as he was out of the pen.  

I cleaned out the foot he was limping on & the poor little guy doesn't have any frog at all.  We're going to haul him, when we take Mocha & Tucker in Friday to see Dr. Shamis.  On the way home, we will meet Courtney on the east side of Tucson & get his little feet trimmed.  

Last night Chantilly must have gotten scared by something.  She slammed into one of the corral panels in her pen, moved it enough that John couldn't open the gate, without pushing it out of the way.  This morning she has a "boo-boo" in the middle of her nose.  Can't imagine what scared her, she can see for a long way & I'm sure her hearing is excellent.  So John had to redo the pen this morning to straighten it out.  I'd like to get all the pens straightened out, they passed "not" square a long time ago.  Which is why I really like them for pens, they have a lot of give when something happens, like last night. 

Still working on Boaz's proud flesh or sarcoid on his knee.  The Wonder Dust is working on it, but I'm pretty sure she will have to cut what's left off. 

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