Saturday, February 04, 2012

BAH......DOCTOR VISIT.......!!!

This is poor little Tucker getting ready to have a tube ran down his nose.  Dr. Shamis has the tube in his hand.  Unfortunately Tucker's throat still isn't large enough to use the big endoscope, & the small animal one isn't long enough to go all the way to the top of his stomach.   Soooo we still don't know if the top of his stomach opens & closes properly.  Dr. Shamis said since we don't mind feeding him soaked pellets, to just continue to do so, for a few months, until he is bigger. We were hoping he would be OK, & get to go out on the property.  Guess not.   Then maybe the big endoscope will work.  John said next time he won't be able to straddle Tucker like that & still have his feet on the ground  is Tucker continues to grow, which I'm sure he will.

One thing that was found is Tucker has a Dorsal Displaced Soft Palate.  The last time he was scoped 3 months ago, they thought he had DDSP, but thought it might have been temporary because of him choking twice in a 3 day period.  But guess not.......!!!!   He also has a severe parrot mouth which we already knew.  But his molars are all coming in perfect, so hopefully the parrot mouth won't interfere with him being able to eat long term.  I doubt that he'd ever be able to eat grass in a pasture, but in this part of the country, pasture isn't usually an option anyway. 

We took Bijou the little horse with us, so we could meet Courtney on the way home & get him trimmed.  Unfortunately we couldn't get hooked up, so she's coming out today to trim him.  He got to go for a ride for nothing, but didn't seem to mind.  He's real good about hopping in & out of the trailer & likes to watch what's going on.  I've only looked at his worst foot, the one he limps on.  If there is a frog on that foot I can't find it, it's just a big gaping hole where the frog should be.  No wonder the little guy limps sometimes.   

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