Saturday, August 13, 2011

WHEW! GLAD THAT'S OVER.............!!!

Tyler trimmed the 4 new ones & Courtney trimmed either 2 or 4 feet on 8 others, so all in all it was a busy day.  Well for everyone but me, I just set on the golf cart & watched.

This is what Tyler was facing.......!!!!

The fun begins........of course the first chain of events was getting halters on them for the 2nd time in their lives.  Even in a small pen that was a lot of fun for those involved.

Don't have anything to compare this piece of hoof, so you can tell how long it is, but it's long.  Just imagine hauling it & 3 others around wherever you tried to walk, for years........!!!!

This is Mocha with her club foot & 3 knuckled over.  Once she was trimmed I swear she looked straighter, certainly not perfect, but doesn't seem to be doing so much knuckling over.  I didn't get an after picture of any of them unfortunately.  Tyler wanted to trim her & then check her in 6 weeks.  She's 26 months old, & he's hoping that she's young & resilient enough to strengthen those tendons on her own.  If not he might try  shoes like he put on Falena.  Falena came waltzing by during the pedicures & he thought she was walking pretty good.

I didn't get pictures of Louise's trim for some reason.  She had a bunch of pebbles caught in the false sole, no wonder she was walking so crippled.  They are all a little slow & crippled this morning, which is normal for this type of trimming.  It's like wearing a pair of shoes that runs up in the front for years, & all of a sudden taking them off.  Your ligaments & tendons would rebel, & so do theirs.

This was Beau's turn.  His feet were long but not as much as the girls.  Tyler might know of a good home for him with another "guy" donkey.  But first it has to cool off so we can have him gelded.  Even if someone wanted to take him as a jack & told us they would have him gelded, we wouldn't do it.  We want to make sure he isn't capable of adding to the over population of donkeys out there that need good homes. 

On the other side of the pens, Courtney was doing her thing.
Went from the tall...............
to the small............!!!!  Don't know how her back holds up..............!!!!!

This morning our helpers made it across the San Pedro by wading, that's what I like devoted & dedicated workers..........!!!! Ha!  Good thing they were here, the only donkeys we had were the ones in pens, the others were on Burroland & not the least bit interested in coming over here for hay.  

When Lisa & John found Pepper & he was choked.  A vet will tell you they usually only choke on pellets or something like that.  I've given up on feeding pellets, & Pepper the old buzzard had been over on Burroland eating "weeds & seeds", no pellets, but he managed to choke.  

Got him back & gave him a shot of banamine.  The usual drill is give shot wait 45 minutes & call the vet if they don't clear.  They were trying to get him into his pen, & all of a sudden he barked & a big blob of thick saliva hit the ground.  Didn't have much in it, just a little green tint.  But by the time they managed to get him to his pen, he was ready for breakfast.  I swear he is going to drive me crazy before it's over.  And it would be such a short drive, certainly wouldn't need a full tank of gas..........!!!!!  Ha!  Of course we'd do whatever necessary to keep him going, our world would certainly be less interesting without him in it.  But at over 35 we know it's only a matter of time.  He doesn't know that, he's still trying to chase the girls, when he can get one to stand still.......!!!  Which isn't often thank goodness, not sure his heart could stand it.......!!!! Ha!

They managed to entice, drag, push & in general "capture" the whole group, except for Jenny, BlackJack, Frijolita & Quilla.  So John closed the gate, which means no water.

The help picked up poo, filled water buckets, probably hadn't been gone 15 minutes & John came in & said Mocha had gotten cast under the corral panels around their pen.  These girls aren't use to being in a pen & I guess she laid down too close to the edge. 

Since then every once in awhile, John hears a mournful bray from the gate, goes over & lets whoever has decided to come home in.  To me it would save steps to just leave the gate open, but he doesn't want the ones on this side, going back over there, since we're going to the races tonight.  We tried to get a wheelchair, but in Benson it isn't easy.  John is loading up the golf cart again this week, so I can putt around in the pits.  I am really tired of dragging this leg around, & REALLY REALLY hope when I go to the doctor he says, I've been a good girl, & won't have to have surgery, just therapy.  I'm still trying to figure out how good I have to be..........!!!!

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