Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This morning when John went out to find everyone, he found Pepper down on his right side again.  Had been there awhile, trying to get up.  This is about the 5th time he's needed help to get up since I broke my leg. John & our neighbor Vic rolled him over on his good side, & after he rested about 10 minutes up he popped & was headed for Burroland.  It took both John & Vic to stop him & John said he wasn't about to give up without a fight.  It's hard to watch him, his mind & determination is still good, but his body isn't.  At least once he's up he actually moves around pretty good, he just can't lay down on that right hip.  The knee on that side isn't any good either.  

They got Louise loaded yesterday & we headed for the University Diagnostic Lab, got there about 3pm, which was too late for them to start, so they put her in a cooler until this morning.  We were pretty sure the 3 girls were pregnant, because Beau is 26 months old & has had plenty of time to figure out what he was put on the earth to do. They were letting me know that there would be an extra charge, she weighed over 500 pounds because of a fetus.  The charges for necropsy goes by size, & we paid for the 200-500 pound size. Guess there isn't any leeway in their rules. They will let me know the age of the fetus, I would imagine the girls all got pregnant about the same time, so that will give us an idea of when they are due.  All she would tell me was that Louise had other problems.  Originally they said if would take about a week to get the results, so we'll get a report of what they found eventually.

Everyone else seem to be fine, although they are bound & determined to not come in to be fed.  I don't blame them, there's all sorts of goodies out there growing.  But they could at least be polite enough to pretend they want to come in because we want them to.  Not only do they not come, some of them have started taking off when they see John headed their way.  That does not make him happy..........!!!   It takes a long time to do chores when they don't cooperate.  It would be easier to just not feed them, but unfortunately some of them do show up, or wander in & expect their routine to be followed.   

I will find out if it's surgery or therapy next Monday.  I think everyone is hoping for therapy, even that will take awhile for me to get back in the groove, but it would be a lot better than surgery.  At least I could start transitioning back into helping. 

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