Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Nassau, Bahamas 1898

Yesterday when John picked up poo, he said the minis are getting more mesquite beans than other stuff in their poo.  So we decided to keep them in during the day when they have access to Burroland & let them out at night when they only have access to this side.  

This morning when John let everyone else out, the minis made a judgement call & decided he had lost his mind.  They ran around, & squalled & bawled, & everytime during the day when they saw him, they continued to plead their case. 

At feeding time, he said they were thrilled to see him, & to have something happen to break the monotony of being stuck in a pen.  Tomorrow we'll put some of the toys in with them & see if that helps, poor little guys, they don't realize this is "TUFF" love..........!!!!

Looks like we'll be picking up the 4 new donkeys Sunday afternoon as planned.  We should have plenty of people to help, & I even have some people that will be available if needed.   

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