Wednesday, August 10, 2011



Well maybe not the troops but a couple of our neighbors are going to take turns helping us feed & pick up poo in the mornings.  That will sure make it easier on poor John. 

When I went out this morning, they were here talking to John.  No one ever tells me anything, sure was glad to see them though.  Then John told me the donkeys had gotten into the hay barn.  That is a first, either they've figured out how to open the gate or John forgot to latch it last night.  Which ever happened, there were 7 of them in there including Jenny who isn't exactly "dainty", & they had managed to get the hay cart across the gate, so "no one was going anywhere" until someone came to let them out.  John said they had strung hay buckets everywhere, & the bale he had just opened last night was strung from one end to the other.  Of course BlackJack was in there, he's always where the action is. 

It's interesting that at a different time I would have been upset, for some reason I thought it was funny.  Guess not having to clean up the mess has something to do with it......!!! Ha!  

The neighbors helped John get Beau in the panel squeeze, so John could trade his regular mask for a crusader mask.  The flies are really bothering him, & he has a snotty nose, so I started him on antibiotics tonight.  He's actually getting pretty friendly, John let him in the 6 pens today, & he spent quite awhile running up & down from one end to the other.
The 3 girls spend a lot of time laying down & Louise spends a lot of time standing in the founder stance, with her rear feet under her to take the weight off her front feet.  I'm hoping when they get trimmed Friday, that they will be a lot more comfortable. 

It took John about an hour to get everyone "captured" tonight.  Even then Falena & Selena went over to Burroland with John when he went to find the missing culprits & didn't come back.  BlackJack didn't come over until everyone had been fed.  John's still talking about opening Burroland up for the range cattle, he says there are tracks down by the gate.  Guess it just depends on how PO'ed he gets at them wandering in or not, depending on their mood.......!!!

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